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Mel Pearson

     If there is any period one would desire to be born in, is it not the age of Revolution; when the old and the new stand side by side and admit of being compared; when the energies of all men are searched by fear and by hope; when the historic glories of the old can be compensated by the rich possibilities of the new era?  This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we know what to do about it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


This website  by Mel Pearson, author and life-time social activist, is to outline a National Cooperative Commonwealth which would unleash the nation's full work capability without a cent of debt, and with full implementation of equal human rights for every solitary American!

A Quick Perspective

The America we think we live in!

The America we do live in!

The America we could live in!

Here is a thumbnail sketch of the three Americas:

The America we think we live in:

1.  Every citizen has equal opportunity to being employed and equal opportunity to becoming a top CEO in the nation’s largest corporations.

2.  The American people own the major stock of the nation’s corporations and are therefore the major dividend recipients of those corporations.

3.   The myth that the trillions of dollars in public indebtedness is solely owed to the people themselves. 

4.   Political democracy exists with each voter having a voice that counts.

5.  Our foreign policy, and our engagement in foreign wars, however costly in lives and treasure, promotes  “democracy” and peace throughout the world.

6.  Our nation’s flag symbolizes our patriotic belief in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

7.   We exceed every nation in the world in freedom and liberty!

The America we do live in:

1. The total work capability of the nation (natural resources, productive plants and technology) are owned and controlled by less than 200 monopolistic financial and non-financial corporate giants with interlocking directorates.

2.  Five percent of the nation’s families own the wealth of the nation in their ownership of major industrial and financial corporate stock, government bonds and natural resources.

3.  Trillions of dollars in American securities held by China and other foreign countries.   

4.  Trade deficit totals hundreds of billions of dollars annually owed to both domestic and foreign importers.

5. The unrelenting drive of the capitalistic “free enterprise system” is the maximization of profit and corporate control of the nation’s assets with the spoils going to the wealthy few and an indifference to the tens of millions of poor and disadvantaged enduring unmet human needs.

6. The bloodstream of the economy, its money and credit, exclusively controlled by the privately-owned banking institutions resulting in trillions of dollars in private and public debt, a stultifying of the whole economy, climaxing in tens of millions in poverty, tens of millions jobless, tens of millions homeless, and the unchecked tragedy of a perpetual stream of unavoidable bankruptcies and foreclosures.

7.  What we read, what we hear and what we see despotically determined by six corporate conglomerates that dominate both our elective and legislative processes and preclude the enactment of remedial laws which would unfetter and liberate the people. 

8.  Elected representatives are captive and beholden to the rich and corporate PACs that underwrite their elections.

9.  Violence, drugs, family breakdown, insecurity of streets, work-place and home, stem from the pressures and inequities of the nation’s social, economic, financial and political systems.

10.  The flawed economy is dependent on constant cold and hot wars in order to perpetually sustain it and satisfy the greed and arrogance of corporate power. 

11.  Hate, bigotry, disrespect and racism permeates all levels of the society. 

The America we could live in:

1.  A National Cooperative Commonwealth in which every human being would have equal political status and every human being would be both benefactor and beneficiary of the nation’s total productive capability.

2. Every citizen would be both a Common and Preferred stockholder giving each a decision-making voice and providing each with dividend purchasing power against the nation’s total goods and services.

3.  The Commonwealth would guarantee full implementation of all basic human rights:  Equal right to life itself, Equal right to health care, Equal right to education, Equal right to work and Equal right to political voice.

4.  Every person would have equal opportunity to perform and achieve a station in life commensurate with his or her fullest potential.

5.  It would be a society with structural integrity, a cooperative society instead of an adversary society, and the governing principle would be design science, “doing more with less.”

6.   An “Accounting System of Banking” would provide for a debt-free society, and there would be automatic, unlimited funding for the underwriting of all endeavors fulfilling abundantly the needs of all the people.

7.  “Synergy,” Nature’s most dynamic force, would make the total effort of a cooperative society exceed total individual effort.

8.  The quality of life would be paramount and all institutions, including all levels of government, would be structured to enhance and protect all life.

9.   Non-violence, peace, justice, compassion and a fervent desire to help one another would be the esprite décor throughout the society. 

10. All differences between nations would be negotiated and it would mark the end of undefined wars with the needless and tragic waste of treasure and the mass destruction of human lives.

11. Each generation would be the Custodian of the Commonwealth and would pass on to each succeeding generation a liberated, undefiled, just and peaceful society!

The challenge to OWS is to endorse and embrace a National Cooperative Commonwealth which unleashes our full work capability for an equitable and prosperous life for every man, woman and child in the nation!

Our Nation is at the Crossroads!

WE HAVE “everything before us” or we have “nothing before us.”  The road the nation travels, the future the nation seeks, are directly dependent on not only an awareness of the serious problems confronting the total citizenry but on a realistic awareness that a Blueprinted Plan exists that will achieve economic justice, participatory democracy and lasting peace.

My name is Mel Pearson and I have set up this Web Site to enlighten my fellow citizens as to the root causes of their economic and political life-threatening dilemmas.  Most importantly, to focus on how we, the sovereign people, have the inherent and constitutional power in our own hands to achieve our liberation from abusive economic control and tyrannical political control. 

Outside of our own nation the world of protest is aflame.   People are marching and dying seeking to eradicate their tyrannical and abusive leaders. Despite the killings by those entrenched in oppressive power, the protesters persist in their efforts.   To date they have been successful in ousting the usurped political leaders in Egypt, Tunisia and Lybia and currently there is violent confrontation in Syria and Bahrain. Such broad efforts are identified as “Arab Spring.”

In our own nation we have aggressive protest, entitled OWS (occupy Wall Street), taking place in all our major cities.  The protesters spend nights in tents, help each other, and there is esprite décor in battling not only the elements but also the police.  There is no particular group making up the protesters.  It is a total expression by diverse people, largely the young, and their efforts are revolutionary in spirit and purpose.

Where do I come in?   It is my feeling that I can contribute to a clearer understanding as to the elements making up the economic, financial and political power structures causing our most serious problems and I can contribute to the elements that should be present in restructuring those flawed systems.  I seek to provide a sense of direction and confidence in goals attainable that achieve a society enjoying economic fairness, free from all forms of indebtedness, and that is void of violence and exploitation. 

This is the purpose and goal of this Web Site!

I will underscore constantly and persistently that we do not have to suffer lack of basic human needs or endure political oppression one moment longer than we arise and exercise our absolute sovereign power!

I am under no illusion that I am ordained to safe the world.  I am not sainted.  I am an American citizen who loves his country dearly and who pledges solidarity with others in seeking a renovated America in which the least amongst us can live full lives devoid of needless suffering and violence.

I have blueprinted and am proposing an economic and political Plan, identified as a National Cooperative Commonwealth, within which our full productive potential can be unleashed without one cent of interest-bearing indebtedness.  It is an economic, political and financial Plan that will embody full implementation of equal human rights.   It is a Plan in which the people are the arbiters of their well-being and their destiny.  It is a Plan whose adoption can be achieved by the exercise of the people’s inherent and constitutional power.  

It is a Plan that will bring “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” to every solitary citizen in this nation!