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Are we ready for change?

I BELIEVE that the majority of the people have had enough of violence and killing, have had enough of children crying for food amidst bulging warehouses, have had enough of imposed economic stresses leading to domestic violence, the plague of drugs and alcohol, babies having babies and teenagers killing each other or snuffing out their own lives.

I BELIEVE that the majority of the people have had enough of corporate conglomerates, financial and non-financial, whose greed for exorbitant profits and usurped power are destroying the last vestige of free enterprise, are making workers the victims instead of the beneficiaries of technology, are destroying the buying power of both workers and consumers and have made all levels of government captive, precluding urgent remedial legislation.

I BELIEVE that the majority of the people have had enough of a private banking system despotically controlling the nation’s money and credit, determining the work capability of the nation, creating tens of trillions in unpayable interest-bearing debt, compelling the people to mortgage their future earnings in order to acquire what they have already produced, and in the whole diabolical process depriving tens of millions of citizens of their jobs, their homes, their farms and their businesses through manipulated and coerced foreclosures. 

I BELIEVE that the majority have had enough of having the truth distorted, being blatantly lied to and brainwashed by the media (newspapers, radio, TV and Internet) which is monopolistically owned and controlled by a handful of self-serving corporate entities whose propaganda shapes elections, promotes privileged-legislation and prevents the people from knowing the truth that would liberate them from oppression and needless suffering.

I BELIEVE that the majority of the people have had enough of having their waterways contaminated, of having their soil polluted with excessive use of herbicides and pesticides, leaching down to the watertables, of having the protective ozone depleted by fluoro-carbons, of having the whole nation peppered with hazardous chemical dumps, and having millions of acres of fertile farmland asphalted. And most seriously, the accumulation of  high-level radioactive waste around atomic plants with no solution for their safe disposal

Finally, I believe that the majority of the people have had enough of an economy and a national policy geared to cold and hot wars, costing the nation trillions of dollars in resources and the needless sacrifice of tens of thousands of the nation’s finest young folks.  Unbearably tragic, is the return of young men and women suffering with post traumatic stress disorder, hundreds finding peace only by taking their own lives.  

What an unconscionable guilt lies with those responsible for all the wars and interventions, which have had nothing to do with the security of our nation!

Most assuredly, I believe that the vast majority of the people want a change in this nation.  They want a change in their lives, particularly that of their children.  This Web Site has been set up to provide a new sense of hope, a new sense of direction and a new sense of action that will achieve their liberation.

“An idea whose time has come!”

There is a way to unleash the full productive capability of this nation so that every man, woman and child, irrespective of race, color, gender, nationality or sex orientation, can enjoy the fruits of an abundant society.

There is a way to remove forever the hunger duress from our midst by implementing every person’s inherent “right to life” during an entire lifetime.

There is a way to provide every newborn child, and continuing throughout its adulthood, a lifetime of health care, both medical and preventive.

There is a way to implement an equal right to education so that every solitary individual can develop to the fullest his or her innate capabilities.

There is a way to equitably employ our natural resources, tools and technology so that the larger part of each one’s time can be devoted to recreation, travel, all the fields of creativity, a constant pursuit of knowledge, and fulfillment of spiritual needs.

There is a way to insure that the nation’s soil, waterways and air, including all the wildlife habitats, are free from contamination because the sovereign people are the fully empowered stewards of the national environment.

There is a way to make our streets, our homes, and our work-places free of violence, both against property and person, by removal of the underlying circumstances and motivations for crime.

There is a way to eradicate from the total economic life of the nation every vestige of liens, mortgages, foreclosures and interest-bearing debt by each person having an equal stake in the national productive plant and exercising all buying power through an “accounting system” of banking.

There is a way to remove all corruption and arrogance of power out of the nation’s economic and political lives by complete dispersal of political power.  Real democracy, “government by the authority and rule of the sovereign citizens” would be a reality!

There is a way to eliminate all forms of taxes, or tributes to bureaucratic government, by the total expenses of government coming directly out of the total productive operations of the national economy of both goods and services.

There is a way to formulate the nation’s foreign policy, seeking world peace, by the negotiation of differences amongst all nations, bringing an end to the slaughter of the innocent, both in uniform and as civilians.

There is a way, perhaps most importantly, to pass on to each succeeding generation, a society that is equitable, that is wholesome and that is peaceful.

The “way,” is the embracing and installing of a National Cooperative Commonwealth.  It is one hundred percent American as to structure.  All its features can be legislated within the framework of our Constitution.

It would mean the end of private capitalism, an exploitive, predatory, economic, financial and political system that in operation and result is sheer savagery!

BEFORE setting down the premises, concepts and the actual functioning of the Commonwealth, let us give thought to the dominant flaws in our capitalistic economic, financial and political systems. When we can identify and understand the flawed systems we can readily and clearly grasp the necessary changes embodied in the Commonwealth. 

The first major flaw is the absence of any constitutional restraints on the growth of “unnatural entities” called corporations.  Progressively, they have taken over the nation’s whole economy until today the work capability of the nation is lodged in the grip of just a few hundred corporate conglomerates with 99% of the nation’s wealth in their hands and only 1% in the hands of the people. Their political clout has been such as to prevent the enforcement of both the “Sherman Anti-trust Act” and the “Clayton Anti-trust Act.”  

The second major flaw is the unconstitutional private banking control of the nation’s “money and credit”.   By private banking ownership and control of the Federal Reserve System they control the very economic blood stream of the nation and determine the amount of work the nation can do.  More seriously, private control of the nation’s money and credit has placed the nation, privately and publicly, in bondage to tens of trillions of dollars in unpayable debt.   Through manipulated and fraudulent mortgage practices tens of millions have lost their homes and 20 million workers futilely seek employment. 

There is no economic force in the nation that impacts so seriously and devastatingly on the lives of the people as private control of the nation’s money and credit.   There can be no solution to the nation’s most serious problems until private banking has been eradicated and an honest system is put in place.

The third flaw is the inability of private capitalism to accommodate the advances of technology.  Under monopolistic corporate ownership and control, technology make workers, both skilled and unskilled, dispensable. Workers are the consumers.  With lost buying-power comes immovable inventory.  The best jobs are lost by “downsizing” and “outsizing” never to be replaced.   Currently, the tragic circumstance exists where 20 million able-bodied workers are without work and families are unable to have their most basic human needs provided!

The final major flaw is corporate domination of both the elective process and also the legislative process.   High paid lobbyists, 26 for each member of Congress, not only determine privileged legislation but also prevent remedial legislation that would be in the people’s interest.   Corporations and the wealthy underwrite the whole elective process and elected candidates, from the lowest office to the highest, are beholden to the individuals and corporate entities who underwrote their campaigns.

Political parties are a buffer between the electorate and government.   Democracy, government by the “authority and rule” of the people, has been irreparably compromised!

There has been much documentation missing in the foregoing citing of the major flaws of private capitalism.  I have given you just an initial glimpse knowing that I have covered much detail and analysis in my books.  My books will set down precisely the steps necessary to eliminate the flaws and more importantly the steps necessary to restructure our flawed systems. 

The ultimate goal is the adoption of a National Cooperative Commonwealth.