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Challenge to Crisissmeg 1969

268 pages.  Soft cover,  Co-published by Aquila Press, Inc. and Trafford Publishing 

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This was my first book.   It was written as a companion book to No More Hunger, which my father-in-law, William Dudley Pelley, had written in 1933 at the beginning of the Great Depression of the. 1930s.   On the cover of the book is stated:  The “America we think we live in”, “The America we do live in” and “The America we could live in”. The book updated No More Hunger in light of advancing technology.

Challenge to Crisis presents a clear picture of the “three Americas” and the corporate take-over of the nation’s entire economy.   It underscores the major flaw of private capitalism that there is no constitutional restraint on the growth of “unnatural entities” called corporations.   As a result, there has been a mania of corporate mergers and capture of the nation’s work capability.  

The result is evidenced in the current “OWS” (occupy Wall Street) awakening with 1% owning the wealth of the nation and 99% exploited and beggared.  

Neither the Sherman Anti-trust Act nor the Clayton Anti-trust Act has been effective in checking the mania of corporate mergers or the prohibition of “restraint of trade” because corporate lobbyists have been able to nullify the Acts provisions. 

Challenge to Crisis was highly recommended to the public.  

 “Every American should read Melford Pearson’s book Challenge to Crisis.  No reader has to agree with everything he writes but we owe it to ourselves and our country to consider the facts he presents.  Read the book as soon as possible.”

Jerome Davis, former President of the Eastern 

Sociological Society and Pres. of the 

American Federation of Teachers

 “He tears down with devastating thoroughness, but then he rebuilds and the result is an eminently satisfying edifice and a profoundly stimulating intellectual experience.  Means must be found to place this work in the hands and the mind of every citizen in this land.”

                                                    Ted Savich in The U. S. Farm News

There Is a Way!  smegAquila Press, Inc. 1995

271 pages, soft cover $17.00 (includes S&H)

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This book is well organized and divides itself into three sections: The Problem, The Solution, and The Transition.  Each section presents much documented information as to what transpired from the time the nation was founded up to the present time.

 A highlight in the book is the inclusion of the Parable of the Water Tank written by Edward Bellamy just before the turn of the Twentieth Century.  It was included in his book “Equality” which was published in 1897.  While most Americans are familiar with Bellamy’s book Looking Backward, too few are acquainted with his book Equality which has been suppressed because of its caustic critique of the nation’s private capitalist economy.  

Today, Bellamy’s analysis of how our “open-market” economy is both predatory and unworkable is more compelling than it was during his time.  Yet, even in his day the inherent flaws in the economy were causing wide-spread poverty, joblessness and foreclosures.

A century has passed since Bellamy wrote the Parable.  Only two bloody world wars, and lesser ones in Korea and Vietnam, along with a continuous cold and hot war economy have taken care of the inevitable surplus of goods and workers in an economy flawed by “water tank” economics.

The Parable of the Water Tank should be a must reading in gaining an insight and understanding of the devastating workings of the private capitalist economy that is geared to the maximizing of profit for the few to the detriment of the vast majority.

Bellamy saw the folly in trying to resurrect the “competitive system” and pleaded that on its ruin “build a Temple” that truly functions in the people’s interest.  

In reading Bellamy, and noting his strivings for an integral society, one that embodies cooperation, equality and a camaraderie of “one for all, and all for one,” the reader recognizes a thread of spirituality interwoven throughout both his physical and intellectual makeup.

A Blueprint for Survivalsmeg 2005

274 pages Retail Price $23.50 (Perfect Bound Softcover)

Co-published by Aquila Press, Inc. and Trafford Publishing

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Press Release by Trafford Publishing

“According to author Melford Pearson, “multi-national corporations have come to abusively dominate every level of the economy.  These unnatural entities, through their hired lobbyists, determine governmental policy, both national and international.  Most seriously, the people’s elected representatives, beholden to the giant corporations, refuse to enact remedial legislation that would meet the human needs of the citizens.

 “Pearson underscores that an equitable economic society cannot be achieved without confronting four-square private banking’s control of the nation’s money and credit---the result of which has been trillions of dollars in unpayable debt, wholesale foreclosures and a whole nation and its citizens placed in bondage to non-producers

“Pearson proposes instead a National Cooperative Commonwealth incorporating the entire productive capability of the nation into a Grand Corporation.   In this view, “every citizen is a common shareholder and a preferred shareholder, giving each a decision-making vote and also giving each a purchasing claim against the total goods and services produced.”  Much detail is presented as to the steps needed in setting up of a Commonwealth and the workings of the departments, which would ensure full implementation of the inherent right of life

“Pearson says, Readers will get a breath of fresh air in learning how the proposed Commonwealth can unleash its full work capability without incurring one-dollar of interest-bearing debt and without the burden of confiscatory taxation.

“Throughout the book there is much emphasis on the constitutional and inherent right of the sovereign citizens to make all changes, economically and politically. 

“It is one thing for the citizen to patriotically boast, ‘I am an American.’  More poignant would be his or her declaration,  ‘I am a meaningful participant in my country!’ says Pearson.  This is what a BLUEPRINT FOR SURVIVAL is offering its readers.”

Price of Truthsmeg 2009

146 pages Retail Price $16.95 (Perfect Bound Softcover)

Co-published by Aquila Press, Inc. and Trafford Publishing

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This is the story of the nation’s most outstanding political prisoner during the Twentieth Century.  It is the story of William Dudley Pelley (my father-in-law), an American patriot, writer, publisher and organizer who was targeted by the most powerful and sinister forces entrenched in economic and political power, including President Franklin Roosevelt.  They determined that he must be silenced, no matter how illegal and brutal the actions to be employed against him.

During the 1930s he was the stormy petrel who wrote and organized against all legislation that was destroying the independence of the American people.  He opposed all the steps leading to U.S. embroilment in World War II, a war that took the lives of 83 million people and one that he felt could have been prevented.

Mr. Pelley was persuaded by men like Bob Sharp of the American Secret Service and Congressman McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, to drop his lucrative fiction and metaphysical writing, (which is covered in this book), and launch a nation-wide campaign against the pervasive economic, financial and political exploitation in the nation.

The God of Carnage finally set the stage for the charge of “sedition.”  On August 12, 1942 he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.  His accusers gloated in their success in silencing both his voice and pen.

In the eyes of his accusers his most serious “crime” was the publishing of his book, “No More Hunger”.  They were aware that its proposals would break their usurped power.

Professor Jeffrey Stone, head of the Law Department of the University of Chicago, wrote in his book Perilous Times that the sedition case against Mr. Pelley was the most egregious case of injustice during World War II, and he shouldn’t have been convicted.

The Price of Truth covers the flagrant miscarriage of justice and persecution that took place against Mr. Pelley.   What happened to him could happen to every American. 

The case should be a wake-up call for every American!

Scourge of Cords smeg2009

291 pages Retail Price $21.48 (Perfect Bound Softcover)

Co-published by Aquila Press, Inc. and Trafford Publishing

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Of all the books I have written this book is the most critical and timely!   It should serve as a working manual for all who make up the courageous ranks of the OWS.   Not only is their understanding of how the private banks create debt-money that led to the 2008 melt down but there is a clear presentation of a National Cooperative Commonwealth which would provide for an honest and constitutional banking system, and set the nation aright!   

Protesters across the nation have a complete “package” to rally around!

The author presents a chronological coverage of private banking from the time that Jesus formed a scourge of cords and drove the “money changers out of the Temple” to the setting up of the privately owned Federal Reserve System.   

The pivotal role of the Goldsmith bankers, who uncannily introduced the financial ruse of  “fractional reserve lending,” is explained, the domination of Rothschild International Banking for centuries is covered, and the role of Paul Warburg in spearheading the setting up the Federal Reserve System in 1913.  The international bankers had finally achieved a “central bank” in America patterned after similar banking systems in Europe!  

The book explains clearly how the private banks create money and credit by monetizing the citizen’s work capability and assets.  The banks part with nothing.   The same deceit is true when our government gives the privately owned Federal Reserve System its bonds for “debt” credit.

There is no economic force as predatory and devastating to the lives and survival of the people as the private control of the nation’s money and credit. Throughout the nation’s history, tens of millions have lost their homes and lost their jobs, along with loss of their lifetime savings, because of the private bank’s exploitive ownership and control of the nation’s money and credit.   It is imperative that the issuance of money and credit be returned to the sovereign people as designated by the Constitution.

The Commonwealth automatically restores that power to the sovereign people.  Within its economic framework the nation can then underwrite unlimited endeavors without a cent of interest-bearing debt.  The kind of a society sought is one only limited to the people’s willingness to perform and to their dedication to strive for the common good!

A Reluctant Heretic smeg2010

Retail Price $21.55 (Perfect bound Softcover)

Co-published by Aquila Press, Inc. and Trafford Publishing

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This book contains 71 unconventional and meaty editorials on the abusive control of private banking and the structural flaws in private capitalism.  The uniqueness of the editorials is that they largely forego statistics and underscores the basic concepts that are imperative in restructuring the economic and political systems themselves.  

Woven throughout all the editorials is the paramount importance of every individual, its equal human rights, and the fulfillment of its spiritual needs.

These editorials were the centerpiece of the magazine The Eagle’s Eye and were written by Adelaide Pelley Pearson.   Adelaide and her husband, Mel, were co-editors of that monthly magazine.  She was the daughter of William Dudley Pelley, nationally known author, both fictional and political, who is widely recognized as the most outstanding political prisoner during the Twentieth Century.

The author of these editorials was the editor of the Advocate the monthly magazine of “United Senior Action,” the largest senior organization in the State of Indiana.   She was active in nursing home reform, in havens for battered wives and children, and she sought financial help for the elderly.  Because of her civic leadership she became the second runner-up for the Governor’s most outstanding senior citizen in Indiana.

In The Price of Truth she wrote, “From whatever loftier plane my father may be watching, we can be sure he is pleading that we open our minds and hearts to the great and simple truths taught by the Carpenter who is the Architect of the Ages”:

Do ye no ungodly thing that godliness may prosper:  Put from yourselves those errors that are childish, take unto yourselves the armors of true wisdom.  .  .  . Give of yourselves to your utmost farthings that the world may rise up in years to mature and call your names blessed in that ye didst sing a song of redemption for the unfortunate who had not your voicings, or your longings, or your seeings.  .  .  .

Adelaide Pelley Pearson graduated to a Higher Spiritual Plane in November 2005 at the age of 92.

We know that the Lord welcomed her with open arms, blessed her, and simply said, Noble Servant, thy job well done!

No More Hunger smeg2011

Retail Price $16.26 (Perfect Bound Softcover)

Retail Price $26.26 (Casebound Hardcover)

Co-published by Aquila Press, Inc. and Trafford Publishing

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No More Hunger was originally written by William Dudley Pelley in the throes of the Great Depression of the 1930s.  In 1961 a revised edition was published.  Thousands of copies were printed.  All who were protesting the economic and financial inequities of our society, and all who opposed the nation’s untenable and brutal embroilment in the Vietnam War eagerly read these copies.  

Regrettably, the unrest of the 1960s reflected itself more in the nature of being against the wrongs of the society rather than being for the basic solutions that would eliminate those wrongs for all time.

Mr. Pelley passed on in 1965 and nearly a half-century has gone by since his death.  However, the ideas contained in this book are more vital and timely than ever.  A concerted effort should be made to place a copy of this book in the hands of every concerned person in the United States.

The Great Commonwealth, as expounded in this book, rests on the bedrock premise that a nation can afford to do anything and everything that it has the capability of doing.  What a breath of fresh air when one realizes that all endeavors can automatically be funded without a penny of interest-bearing debt!

Within the framework of a national incorporated economy, where every solitary citizen is both a benefactor and beneficiary in the productive capability of the nation all the needs of the people can be fulfilled equitably to surfeit.

A day of reckoning is at hand when a nation has lost its ability to fund its elementary needs of jobs, homes and medical care because private banking and “debt’ money have placed the nation, and its citizens in financial bondage in tens of trillions of dollars.

Against this backdrop, men and women of vision and courage must step forward and voice the goal of a National Cooperative Commonwealth.  It must be a universal voice.   No segment of our society is immune from the violence and economic savagery that threatens all.   

No More Hunger provides the fundamental thinking that gives us a framework in which all our mutual needs and mutual aspirations can be fulfilled!

Absolute Sovereignty of the People smeg2011

Retail Price $15.33 (Perfect Bound Softcover)

Co-published by Aquila Press Inc. and Trafford Publishing

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There is no way that this nation can be restored to a state of economic fairness and nonviolence without the people exercising their absolute sovereign power, both economically and politically!   To date they have left their well being and destiny in the hands of predatory and despotic corporate entities that have landed the nation into its current dilemma of tens of trillions of dollars in public and private debt, millions homeless, tens of millions without jobs and health insurance, and tens of millions with troubled minds.

We have become a nation unanchored, without compass, morally and spiritually bankrupt!

In re-reading copies of The Eagle’s Eye, which we published during the 1960s, we are startled to see how accurately the conclusions and projections of that time define what we are enduring today.    What registers so clearly in our minds is that the intolerable conditions a half century ago caused by the malfunctioning of our economic, financial and political systems, are the same wrongly structured frameworks responsible for the current financial meltdown, widespread hardships and suffering that now persist throughout the land.

Yes, there is a real relevant role for a reprinting of a large number of those past articles that we wrote so many years ago.  They make up the pages of  Absolute Sovereignty of the People.  

Stressed throughout the articles we are reprinting is the voice of Abraham Lincoln when he stated in his first inaugural address, March 4, 1961:

This country with its institutions belongs to the people who inhabit it.  Whenever they shall grow weary of existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amendment, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.

Every waking morning the people should be inspired and energized by what President Lincoln voiced in his inaugural address!    There is nothing that can stop the sovereign people in making changes that make a better society.

Let us gird up our loins, conjure up a vision of a New Tomorrow and display ourselves as Indomitable Spirits with a mission of justice and peace!

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