Potential of America’s Youth

The efforts to install a National Cooperative Commonwealth must involve every segment of our society.  Only  the total population can provide the necessary clout for change.  Only the total society participating in change is there protective understanding to sustain change.   Clearly, no single segment  of our society can achieve change for itself.

I want to note a segment for change, largely unorganized, but that potentially could become the most dynamic force for restructuring the society.  That segment is the nation’s students, from the elementary grades through college, and into graduate studies.

The nation’s students, America’s youth, have the most at stake in the society.   They are the least inhibited and encumbered by involvement in the economy.  They possess energy in reserve, have mental flexibility and untapped imagination.  They only lack defined goals and the assurance such goals are within their grasp.

The behavior of some, of course, is lamentable.  However, we must face ujp to the disturbing fact that along with a mismanaged socio-economic system, we have a mismanaged educational system.

Telescoped into its smallest package for evaluation, we have an entire system of education which is training its students how to become “successful” in an aberrated and inequitable society.  They are brainwashed to believe that our way of conducting the nation’s business, and carrying out its political decisions, are the best in the world and real opportunity  awaits each student upon his or her graduation.

However, more and more students are realizing the harsh reality that exists of economic stresses, a trillion dollardebt burden,  not to mention layoffs in the ;professional fields, affecting them directly.   To most, the future prospects are dim and disconcerting.  Without assured employment, all hopes of marrying, buying a home and bringing new life into the world are shattered.

The real frustration is their sense of helplessness. What should they do ?  What can they do?  That is the vacuum that needs filling.  The real hope, and anticipation, is that they will be in the vanguard looking toward theirs  and the nations liberation by installation of a National Cooperative Commonwealth.  .  .  .

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