Need for In-depth Dialogue

The problems and injustices are formidable.  Yet it isn’t the problems and injustices per se that are the most formidable.  They are solvable.  It is the absence of clear and in-depth dialogue as to the problems and the realistic and attainable solutions that await the people’s endorsement and embracement.

There are too many people in this nation who cannot think, who are fools. There are too many who will not think, who are bigots.  And there are too many who dare not think, who are political slaves.  They should not be derided or dismissed from our considerations, or from our concern and compassionate awareness, in that they too are struggling and aspiring human beings like ourselves.  They are simply the ones most misinformed and the ones most miseducated.

Bigots, fools and political slaves are by no means confined to the least formally educated in our midst.  These categories are equally stocked with those with academic degrees and whose who enjoy the so-called good life and are toasted at lush dinner occasions as being outstanding “achievers.”

How sad, that in terms of security, of non-violence, and of a personal inner sense of peace, they are in many ways greater victims of a sorely aberrated society.

We as a total people are in a common struggle for true liberation.  The  only “weapon” that we need to achieve it is honest and unprejudiced communication.  Our of mutual understanding will come the courage to act with commpn purpose.

It would seem that no group of people, either as a community, or as a nation, are stranded without its way-showers in time of crisis.  It would seem to be a fiat or provision stemming from a Higher Wisdom that impacts on this mortal earth.  It is, however, not a leadership that arises in our midst seeking adulation or positions of power over others.

True leadership is the ability of taking all people, good, bad and indifferent, and giving them a sense of constructive direction by interpreting the present in light of the future.  It is so instructing and inspiring others that the resultant motivation and conclusions can be accepted by the people as self-engendered and formed.

That is the task before us!  .  .  .




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