Bellamy’s “agitators” give us a sense of action

Two paragraphs out of the “Parable of the Water Tank give us in capsule form the underlying conceptual thinking of both the problems and solutions we confront.  When the “agitators,” the enlightened leaders of the people, finally got the people’s attention, they addressed the people in this manner:

Behold, what need have ye at all of these capitalists, that ye should yield them profits upon your labor?  Lo!  it is only because they order you in bands and lead you in and out and set your tasks and afterward give you a little of the water yourselves have brought and not they.  Now, behold the way out of this bondage!   Do ye yourselves that which is done by the capitalists, namely, the ordering of your labor, and marshalling of your bands, and the dividing of your tasks.  So shall ye have no need at all of the capitalists and no more yield to them any profit, but all of the fruit of your labor shall ye share as brethren.  .  .  . 

And the true leaders of the people spoke further:

Choose ye discreet men to go in and out before you and to marshall your bands and order your labor, and these men shall be as the capitalists were; but behold, they shall not be your masters as the capitalists are, but your brethren and officers, who do your will, and they shall not take any profits, but every man his share like the others, that there may be no more masters and servants among you, but brethren only.  .  .  .

And the people went and did all the things that were told them of the agitators to do.  And it came to pass as the agitators had said, even according to all their words.  And there was no more any thirst in that land, neither any that was ahungered, nor naked, nor cold, nor in any manner of want; and every man said onto his fellow, “My brother,” and every woman said unto her companion, “My sister,” for so were they with one another as brethren and sisters, which do dwell in unity.

And the blessing of God rested upon that land forever.

The society that we live in is considerably more intricate and complex than the society portrayed in the “Parable.”  However, it is uncanny how that skeletal portrayal pinpoints the structural flaws of our current socio-economic-political system and points to a National Cooperative Commonwealth effecting the people’s “deliverance from bondage” and freedom from both want and exploitation.

Throughout the presentation of an evolving Commonwealth, we have constantly emphasized the central goal of achieving the optimum quality of life for every solitary human being as a member of the society.  We stressd that every child is born into life with equal human rights and all institutions, all laws, and functions of government must adhere to and implement those inherent rights.

Bellamy’s “agitators” poignantly spearheaded the adoption of a National Cooperative Commonwealth!



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