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Call to Action

ONE CAN SPECULATE at what point the people will arise and declare, “Enough is enough” and demand their liberty and freedom?

Frederick Douglass, the dynamic and courageous anti-slavery leader, clearly gave us an answer.  Here is what he had to say in his West Indian speech in August 1857 about the limits of tyranny:

Power concedes nothing without demand.  It never did and it never will.  Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them, and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.  The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

Clearly, those exercising usurped economic and political power will not unseat themselves.  They fear only two things:  1) proposals that would eradicate their despotic power, and 2) an enlightened citizenry who would embrace and carry out those proposals.

I have just sketchily presented how our society is wrongly structured.  And just as sketchily, how our society, economically, financially and politically can be re-structured.   I must leave it to a reading of the eight published and written books I have listed in this Website for more description and details, and relevant documentation.

Our call for action  is succinct and dynamic!  

We are armed with a Plan that would destroy the 1%.  We do not need to attack them. They will hang themselves when they oppose the Plan that 90% of us are endorsing.  We don’t need to expend effort to attack and reveal who make up the 1%. They will reveal themselves by their expressed public opposition to our efforts.   

How satisfying to freedom seeking people to witness their “enemies” having the paralyzing jitters!

Give a thief enough rope and he will hang himself!

There is a solid approach to create unified strength.   We can do this by organizing Commonwealth Clubs on college campuses, workers unions, teacher’s unions, nurses’s unions, high schools, parent’s associations, and on each and every group in the nation that are part of, or want to be part of, the OWS (occupy Wall Street).

There should be no fees to join, only enough contributions to defray materials and carry on promotion.  Each group would elect representatives to meet at a future National Convention to decide on political, non-violent, action. There should be proportionate representation, votes according to the number of members of the club that sent representatives to the convention.

There is a beautiful dynamic present in our efforts!

It is fanciful thinking thinking that a fully functioning National Cooperative Commonwealth could be actualized in a matter of months.  However, there are immediate steps that can be taken that cry for immediate relief.  There could be moratoriums on house foreclosures, on student debt, the enactment of realistic minimum wages and the setting up of State Banks, all basic preliminary steps toward our ultimate goal.

The most important later step, when the Commonwealth was up and functioning, would be to fund all bonded-debt by stocks, which could lie dormant until the Commonwealth was financially stable.   The Commonwealth's gigantic future step would be the funding of all the nation's endeavors by "non-debt currency."  This approach is clearly proposed and explained by Thomas Edison when he was interviewed by the New York Times.  The interview is covered in my book The Scourge of Cords.

There is a protective and strategic dynamic present in our efforts.  No one personally can be attacked.  The 1% with their media control and political hirelings can only attack the proposals of our National Cooperative Commonwealth Plan.   And in so doing they are self-inflicting their own coup de grace!

There is urgency! Tens of millions of human beings, especially innocent children, are suffering and dying each day.  In the words of William Lloyd Garrison, "Shall we slowly rescue the child from the burning fire!"

I earnestly suggest, and urge, that you send for the books that I have written.  I am not engaging in "venture capitalism".  I am not driven per se to sell books.  I am seriously and deeply concerned to sell An Idea.  An Idea that will liberate our nation from brutal government and despotic corporate entrenchment!

Let's join our hands, our minds, and our spirits in common purpose so we can awaken to a New Dawn of justice, prosperity and peace!

Write Mel Pearson
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